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We sell lots of trailer parts, wheels/tires, etc at our shop. Come by to see us!!

Basic Services we offer:
*Install Brake Controllers $195 (price includes brake controller & installation)
*Install Hitches $275-325 (price includes hitch & installation)
*4 flat wiring harness $100/6or7 pole wiring harness$125/GN 7 pole wiring harness $150 (installed)
*Gooseneck Hitch Installed $750 (price includes GN Hitch & installation)
*5th Wheel Hitch Installed - Call for Pricing
Single & Tandem Axle Trailers have 3500# Dexter E-Z lube axles /15” 6 ply new tires/2x8 treated deck/
50” gate/swing up jack
Single Axle:                 Tandem Axle:  
5x8 $1000                       
5x10 $1050
6x10 $1100
6x12 $1175                   $1625
6 1/2x12 $1225             $1675
7x12 $1275                   $1725
7x14 $1400                   $1825 
7x16                              $1925
Add $175 Side Gate 
Add $75 Split Gate
Add $75 Fold-n-Half Gate
Add $50 Gate Folds Inside
Add $75 Reinforced Gate
Add $100 Spring Assist Gate or per Ramp
Add $300-$350 2' Exp Metal Sides
Add $175 Weed Eater Rack (3 holders)
Add $50 Weedeater Spool Holder
Add $250-$325 2x2 Locking Lid Tool Box
Add $250-325 Ladder Rack
Add $50 Single Blower Rack / $75 Double Blower Rack
Add $100 Rake/Shovel/Broom Holder
Add $75 Water Cooler Holder
Many other options for details & pricing.
7x16 Car Hauler $2175 (wood floor) +$150 open ctr
+$325 steel tread plate floor  (+$100 for every 2ft added)
7x16  7000# Equipment Trailer$2375 7x18 $2475
7x16  5 Ton Equipment Trailer $2900  7x18 $3000
7x16  7 Ton Equipment Trailer $3500  7x18 $3600
8x24  5 Ton Gooseneck Trailer $5300 Bumper Pull $4900
8x24  7 Ton Gooseneck Trailer $5800 Bumper Pull $5400
8x24  10 Ton Trailer Gooseneck $7900 Bumper Pull $7500
12 15 or 20 Ton Call for Price
Add $100 Each Spring Assist Ramp
Add $50 Winch Plate
Add $100 LED Lighting
Add $100 Each Removable Fenders
Add $35 Radial Tires (each)
Add $50 Wheel Chocks
Dump Trailers
5x10 7,000GVW $4350 (single cylinder)
6x12 10,000GVW $5150 (dual cylinder)
7x14 14,000GVW $6050
7x16 14,000GVW $6250
Add $500 Gooseneck
Add $400 Per 2' Higher
Add $200 Ramps
Add $275-$325 Roll Up Tarp
Financing offered.  Apply online @    

Allow 2 weeks build time on most trailers. (can be longer)
We can custom build about any trailer.  Call us today for a quote.
Warranty:  All Red Hot Welding, LLC trailers are guaranteed by the manufacturer to be free of defects under normal use for a period of one year
from the date of delivery to the customer.  This warranty does not cover any parts which have been damaged as a result of an accident, misuse, abuse, or have been modified, altered, or repaired by someone other than Red Hot Welding, LLC.  This does not apply if the trailer has been subjected to loads in excess of its rated capacity.  This warranty does not apply to deterioration of appearance due to normal use or to normal maintenance service.  All auxiliary parts such as brakes, tires, suspensions, and lights are covered by the warranty of the manufacture.
Locking Tool Cage
Locking Weed Eater Rack (3)
Double Blower Rack
Broom/Shovel/Rake Holder

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